I will never forget the day my family drove away after dropping me off on my college campus and I thought...“How do I actually do this?”

Excited, overwhelmed, or everything in between?

If you are headed off to college, I'm sure you have heard people say, “Good luck!” or “Have fun!” but there is very little real and practical advice for young women of faith on how to navigate this new chapter of your life.

In this series I, Emily, am walking alongside you as a big sister on the journey, sharing personal stories, reflections, and guidance on key topics you are bound to encounter. This series will help you begin your college journey feeling confident and prepared to make wise choices, cultivate your faith, and enjoy the experience all along the way.


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“I'm in my mid-twenties and have already done two years of community college. Now I'm going to a university six hours away from my house in a few weeks. Naturally, I'm a mix of excitement and anxiety. I wanted to purchase this series to hear some w...”

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“I'm in my mid-twenties and have already done two years of community college. Now I'm going to a university six hours away from my house in a few weeks. Naturally, I'm a mix of excitement and anxiety. I wanted to purchase this series to hear some wisdom from a lady whose ministry I deeply admire, even as a non-Catholic Christian. Emily gives such clear and wise advice. She is clearly full of compassion for women and wants them to live their best life in Christ. I definitely recommend this series! ”

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What You Can Expect

Prepare for Your College Adventure

  • Open, honest, and constructive guidance as well as inspiration on enjoying your journey, cultivating your faith, and making decisions with confidence and peace throughout your time in college.

  • Questions and reflections to help you consider the college experience you want to build and who you want to become through the process.

  • Practical tools you can implement into your life — and before you even begin college — to have a more stress-free experience.

  • Eight (8) in-depth videos, beautiful journaling worksheets, original prayers, and prompts. (Check out the series outline below!)

Series Outline

Topics, worksheets, and prayers

    1. Get ready, here we go!

    2. Tell me a bit about you!

    3. Let's begin our journey together!

    4. Worksheet 1: Questions, Prompts, and Prayers

    1. How to break the mold of what you've been told a "college experience" should be, so you can prepare to enjoy your own unique experience.

    2. Worksheet 2: Questions, Prompts, and Prayers

    1. How to choose friends with wisdom and surround yourself with people who will positively impact your entire journey.

    2. Worksheet 3: Questions, Prompts, and Prayers

    1. How to identify your passions in life, combat insecurity or comparison in your field of study, and apply yourself wholeheartedly to your academics.

    2. Worksheet 4: Questions, Prompts, and Prayers

    1. What to prepare for as your faith is grown, challenged, and refined through this next chapter, as well as practical actions you can take to help your faith thrive.

    2. Worksheet 5: Questions, Prompts, and Prayers

    1. Unpack the normalization of the college party scene, things to deeply consider when faced with your social decisions, and hear my witness of why I chose not to drink at all in college (one of the most positive choices I ever made).

    2. Worksheet 6: Questions, Prompts, and Prayers

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Your Host

A sister on the journey

Emily Wilson Hussem is a speaker, YouTuber, author, wife and mom who travels the world sharing her witness of faith at conferences and events across the globe. Emily’s YouTube channel has over 125,000 subscribers and tens of millions of views. She writes, speaks, and creates videos on femininity, faith, and relationships, and her books, videos, and talks have inspired and encouraged women of all ages.

Emily lives in Southern California with her husband Daniël and their two sons, Zion and Jedediah.

Emily Wilson Hussem


  • Who is this series for?

    This series is for any young woman who is beginning college. Whether she is moving away to college, commuting from home, or headed to community college, each topic will be relevant to her experience!

  • How long will I have access to this series for?

    Upon purchasing this video series, you will have access to all its content for one (1) year.

  • Can I purchase this series as a gift?

    Yes! This series makes an incredible, meaningful, and impactful gift for a young woman headed off to college! To purchase this series click the "Purchase as a gift" button near the top of this page, or email: support@sevenfourteenmedia.com for specific instructions. (You're so sweet for wanting to gift this)!

  • I work with teens/am a youth minister/work at a parish, can I get a bulk discount?

    Yes! Please email support@sevenfourteenmedia.com and let us know how many women you will have/expect to sign up for individual accounts, and we’ll get you set up!

  • Is this series for women of any faith?

    This video series is geared toward young women of any Christian faith. As I am a practicing Catholic, all of the videos are rooted in belief in Jesus Christ and the importance of faith as a core tenet in the life as a woman.

  • My friend and I are both going to college; can we do the series together?

    Yes! All we ask is that you each get an individual account for your personal journey through the content in the series. This series can be done individually, with a friend, or with a group of friends! The worksheets are meant for personal reflection, but they also present questions borne out of the video topics that can definitely be discussed in close friendships.

  • If I already started college, is this series still for me?

    Yes! While I share much about beginning college off on the right foot, a considerable amount of the content can be applied to any part of the college journey. The topics of friendships, parties, academics, and more are all relevant to the entirety of the college experience. This series will be especially helpful if you are unhappy with the choices you have made in previous years of college and desire guidance and direction on how to make concrete and positive changes for yourself for you future!

  • Can I purchase this series internationally and/or if I do not have a credit card?

    Yes! Payment can also be made via Venmo, PayPal, or through a separate website transaction. Please email: support@sevenfourteenmedia.com for instructions.