Welcome to my video series library!

Learn, grow, and be encouraged

Seasons of transition can be exciting, yet overwhelming and uncertain. Each of my video series is designed to help you navigate change in a very specific season in your life – to give you honest, practical guidance and tools so that you may find peace, joy, and confidence in the midst of the season you are in.

Whether you are headed to college or preparing for marriage, each of my video series will leave you feeling more prepared, with a clear mind and full heart.

Navigating College

with Faith, Clarity, and Confidence

This faith-based series covers key topics every young woman will encounter during her time at college, and gives vital guidance to prepare and guide her as she embarks on this new journey. This is the series I needed before I began college, and that’s why I created it for you!
Navigating College by Emily Wilson Hussem

Navigating Engagement

with Peace, Joy, and Gratitude

This 10-part video series on engagement offers practical guidance, prayerful encouragement, and valuable insight into rarely discussed topics that you will encounter during engagement and helps you to manage and prioritize your heart in the process.
Navigating Engagement video series by Emily Wilson Hussem